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Notes and lessons from the Digital Convention 2013 By Dan Sabeen

Panel I really enjoyed it was a fascinating panel discussion through content marketing. And finally touched the heart of the matter where digital marketing, it is the combination of quality management blog on the company website, targeted content creation with valuable target audience. Mobilizing social network traffic and advertising strategies funded financed as Facebook, Google and the hottest content advertising market: OUTBRAIN.

Among the speakers were better teachers and lecturers are less good. Randy Jacobs from – T-ROO promised  their systems will be improved and upgraded all the time, and I decided to meet with them and test their system and Social Work with us next. And enlightened from, CEO ActiveTrail could highlight the benefits highly significant that in their list, and I decided that here I will go and I will meet to examine whether our system is good enough, updated, or you may want to switch to a more advanced. In contrast, there were some teachers obviously do not have experience standing in front of an audience, or that no one has the guts to come and tell them they just bad! One way or another I would expect better content instead of those professors.


Derek Patrick, Guest Author in and on the

Panel where I was sitting and holistic marketing business more cells in medium and large companies, as they sat with me on the panel marketing managers of large organizations like al-on and a beeper so, probably hearing took place from the reference point of organizations and large companies. But the question of the audience, how small businesses can make holistic marketing, I clarified the questioner that holistic marketing is very important for small businesses since the resources available to them is very limited and therefore it is very important to create marketing that speaks a universal language that reinforces a clear and uniform of the business, and works very complete a reference of each screw in the business and his knowledge of the business marketing messages and spreading these messages at any meeting with clients or with the audience.

Channel 2 mobile approached me and asked what I think the contribution of such conferences, the answer lies between these lines

Beyond discussions and lectures take place in a, was a hot scene outside the halls and many companies have introduced innovations in digital marketing, mobile applications wonders, club management applications and other online customers only ideas worth getting for that such conferences and discover the latest innovations. Even then I went out with a variety of business cards which I intend to classify Interesting to meet soon. ” Here are embroidered best collaborations and here is the opportunity to grow their marketing, and for us to grow this marketing business grow and the basket of services we offer.

Finally I wanted to give you a fresh perspective of a personal assistant, my wonderful for the annual and the number of his view how the conference was: “Enter me was interesting, useful and utilitarian. First of all because these issues I learn, love and are close to me. Second, because digital marketing it The line in this era. It is the word of H “Knowing

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